Etude House: Tom & Jerry new year collection - The effectiveness of influencer marketing campaign

Etude House: Tom & Jerry new year collection - The effectiveness of influencer marketing campaign

Influencers have a highly engaged and loyal following. But how effective it is to leverage them on a product review? Here is a showcase for you in understanding the power and value of influencers’ engagement in the digital marketing space. By leveraging influencers in your digital marketing strategy, any brand can create a winning formula for success.

A South Korea cosmetic brand Etude House has leveraged CastingAsia platform in Hong Kong to develop a micro-Influencer campaign on Instagram to maximize the brand awareness, recruit new customers and drive purchase consideration of target customers for Etude House Tom & Jerry New Year Limited Edition. With the influencer marketing campaign strategy, Etude House targets to raise their competitiveness and relevance to young customers and surprise customers with trendy cosmetics.

The campaign objective is to bring excitement to customers by Tom & Jerry New Year Limited Edition and strengthen the brand's playful and trendy images as well as promoting the product as "Easy to apply of high efficacy & CP value'.

After understanding students is one of their key targeted groups, we have recruited beauty and young influencers whose audience are within 18-25 through CastingAsia platform. We have tailored a plan including both Macro and Micro influencers in order to create a viral impact for the collection launch on Instagram.

Total 25 influencers included Mega cosmetics KOLs and Macro KOLs who have followers ranging from 10K – 200K joined the campaign. Influencers created authentic contents and demonstrated the cosmetics on their face.

These quality contents have reached over 400K users and over 30K of engagements. Besides the photo post, influencers also promote the product in their IG story with a swipe up link to a shopping cart, increasing impulse purchasing. With the cosmetic review written by trustworthy influencers, the products are sold out within 1 month!

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