CACN Fest ID 2019 - empowering the growth of creators in Indonesia

At AnyMind Group, we’re looking to drive the growth of industries, businesses, and professionals through technology. With an eye on the influencer marketing industry, CastingAsia, through the CastingAsia Creators Network (CACN), hosted “CACN Fest ID 2019” in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The CastingAsia Creators Network is an influencer network that provides influencers and content creators with resources and support for their influencer marketing activities.

With a view to becoming an annual gathering of content creators and influencers in Indonesia, CACN Fest ID 2019 aims to educate creators and aspiring creators within the network by providing them with insights and best practices from the industry. Featuring a unique mix of brand representative, creators and media platform (YouTube), attendees were able to enrich knowledge and insights from across the industry.

First up was a fireside chat, with Acha Salim, Senior Manager for CastingAsia Creators Network, Indonesia, speaking to Wafa Taftazani, Country Strategic Partnerships Manager of YouTube Indonesia, where they discussed the future growth of YouTube in Indonesia. According to a report from Hootsuite, YouTube was placed as the most active social platform in Indonesia this year - bringing an unparalleled impact on it’s users and the ecosystem.

The second session, moderated by Nia Lesmana, Manager of CastingAsia Creators Network, Indonesia, together with CACN creators, Filo Sebastian and Shania Junianatha (former member of JKT48). They gave their perspectives on effective ways that creators and aspiring creators can keep up with new trends whilst still being in line with YouTube guidelines.

For the last session, Amar Ramdani, Brand Manager of PT. Sinar Sosro (Fruit Tea and Tebs) and Ezron Tarigan, Creator of CastingAsia Creators Network discussed about ways online content creation can be better aligned with the needs of marketers.

CACN Fest ID 2019 was attended by 75 creators and aspiring creators of CACN in Indonesia. With full support from our dedicated local team, we are happy to educate our creators and beyond to drive further growth for the industry.

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