CastingAsia hosts “Thailand InfluTalk : Future of Influencer Marketing 2020” seminar in Bangkok

Nowadays, almost every marketer has in some way experimented with influencer marketing. In an ever-changing business world, brands, agencies and marketers are always looking to stay on top of the latest strategies and approaches in marketing.

As one of the leading players in influencer marketing in Thailand, as well as Asia, CastingAsia aims to deliver smart, data-driven influencer marketing solutions to a wide array of businesses, industries, marketers, influencers and creators. In keeping up with the lightning-quick changes in the influencer marketing industry, CastingAsia recently hosted a seminar on October 25th, 2019 at the Park Hyatt hotel in Bangkok, titled “Thailand InfluTalk: Future of Influencer Marketing 2020.” The seminar looked to present awareness and knowledge to brand and agency marketers in Thailand and insight into how the industry will change in the future. Over 300 guests were in attendance and the seminar featured several keynote speakers from various brands, agencies, service providers, platforms, and was then wrapped up with an interactive panel discussion featuring some of the top creators and influencers in Thailand. Let’s dive into more details below!

To open up the seminar and start things off, Punsak Limvatanayingyong, Thailand Country Manager, AnyMind Group, shared about how influencer marketing will evolve, outlining three key factors that need to be considered for the future, and how data and technology come into play, allowing marketers to dive deeper into campaign performance and track attributions, such as sales conversions from influencer marketing campaigns. CastingAsia, being a part of AnyMind Group, is addressing just that. Being the first (at least in Asia) to launch CPA/CPC campaign and attribution capabilities, the CastingAsia platform is definitely one of the leading influencer marketing solutions in Asia.

Next up, Momoe Masuo, Managing and Creative Director of Silhouette, a fashion brand in Thailand, shared her knowledge in terms of working with influencers in the fashion industry and how it is quickly evolving.

Kongpan Tuchmalee, Assistant Digital Marketing Manager from EveandBoy, a Thai cosmetics and beauty superstore, presented about how influencer marketing can either be a success or failure, depending upon the approach used. A few successful case studies in which the brand worked together with some famous talent in Thailand were also presented.

Now to shift industries, Sinanthawadee Worathepnitinan, Head of Digital Marketing Division, Thai Yamaha Motor Co., spoke about the best ways to engage new generations of audiences through influencer marketing activities and the challenges faced when developing intriguing and relevant content.

Next in line, Nitipat Praweenwongwuthi, Director of Marketing for Acer (Thailand), discussed and gave some insights into effectively leveraging upon different forms of influencer content, and weighed in on the importance of creating the right types of content to fit target audiences and achieve optimal campaign results.

Nearing the halfway point of the seminar, Napuck Tangsanakun, Commercial, Media Client Services from Nielson (Thailand), spoke about how to create increased brand lift through influencer marketing endeavors and how brands can best leverage upon influencer marketing in the near future.

This was followed up by one of the best known online media channels in Thailand, Brand Buffet. Rassarin Arunittiwit, Co-founder of Brand Buffet, shared with audiences from a media perspective about upcoming influencer marketing trends for 2020 and how trendy influencer content will shape and pave the way in the coming year.

Continuing forward, Rattanawadee Nimnual, Social Media Lead, GrabFood and GrabTaxi (Thailand), was up next. She spoke about how influencers are making a difference in branding campaigns in the midst of the rise of social media platforms. She also touched on some affiliate marketing strategies that can be successfully utilized with influencers and how GrabFood has successfully worked together with some famous creators in Thailand for their branding campaigns. Following GrabFood, Thaksaporn Lertsamranphinit, Twitter Client Partner - MediaDonuts (Thailand), presented about “Twitter : Beyond Organic” and some interesting insights were given in relation to how the social media platform is evolving together with the influencer marketing industry.

Last but not least, the final guest speaker was Nathan Upalawanna, Digital Business Solutions Director at Mullenlowe Group (Thailand). He gave an agency perspective in relation to his experiences working with influencers and in addition, gave some suggestions and viewpoints on how to better work with influencers.

Wrapping up the seminar was an interactive panel discussion, moderated by Theptas Theptipumporn, Senior Manager of CastingAsia’s Influencer Management team, and featured some of the most popular and top creators and influencers in Thailand. This session dived into questions related to what influencers and creators are looking for from brands in the coming year.

All in all, the event was a great turnout and many meaningful and noteworthy insights were shared. Influencer marketing is not a new thing in Thailand, however with the ever-changing playing field of the industry, this event was an important guiding light for marketers to clutch onto for the next year.

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