Four influencer marketing evolutions to look out for in 2020

We’ve experienced many shifts and changes this year in influencer marketing, however, what does next year have in store for the industry? Perhaps many of the current evolutions will remain prevalent in 2020, however what kind of new trends will we see emerging? Let’s take a look at what’s in store for the year ahead, and the impact on how marketers and brands approach influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing trends 2020 attribution

Less focus on engagement and more focus on actual measurable business results

Up until this point, most marketers would definitely tend to agree that they have relied heavily upon engagement (like counts) statistics and numbers when measuring the success or failure of their influencer marketing campaigns. However, 2019 saw shifts happening with social media platforms such as Instagram, hiding visible likes – you can check out what leaders in the industry are saying, such as this article from AnyMind Group CEO and co-founder, Kosuke Sogo.

What does this mean for marketers? Looking ahead into next year, marketers will need to consider alternative methods and ways of measuring influencer marketing results – such as tracking consumers all the way to conversion, quantifying the number of actual sales leads and inquiries, etc. This, in turn, will actually kill two birds with one stone – it will provide measurable business results, as well as increase transparency and help alleviate some of the worries associated with influencer marketing fraud.

As an industry leader, CastingAsia has recognized the need for improved campaign measurement and in turn recently launched CPA (cost-per-acquisition) and CPC (cost-per-click) capabilities on our influencer marketing platform. Check out additional details here to find out all the possibilities available with CastingAsia.

Influencer marketing trends 2020 video

Live-streaming, long-form video and short-form video will explode

Further developing upon the way influencer marketing campaigns are run and to increase variety for audiences, live-streaming, long-form video and short-form video influencer marketing campaigns will start to see an increase over the coming year.

With social media platforms and even YouTube now being able to easily support live-streaming, we’re seeing high engagement rates compared to conventionally formatted posts. Live-streaming is interesting - as its name implies, followers and users have access to a “live” experience - this means unedited and raw content from the personality, which can also be seen as another step towards authenticity. With live-streaming campaigns, influencers can get instant feedback from their followers and in turn, be able to interact with them in a real-time environment. Live streaming can be used for a variety of scenarios, including live events, workshops, product release parties, etc. – the possibilities are almost endless! It wouldn’t be a surprise to start seeing pods at physical brand activations, where attendees can live-stream their event experiences.

At the same time, the strength of videos as a storytelling medium cannot be understated. 2019 was the year where short-form video rose, with TikTok, Instagram Stories and even YouTube providing ways for content creators to house their short-form content. However, we will also start to see the rise of long-form content - providing a way for brands and content creators to deep-dive into a certain topic (it can be through in-depth reviews, “livable experiences”, or more). Long-form content is also more prone to drive user action.

Influencer marketing trends 2020

Increased long-term brand relationships with influencers

As brands continue to experiment more with using influencers and also the way that they leverage upon them, we will begin to notice an increase in the amount of long-term brand relationships with influencers. Leveraging upon influencers on a short-term or per campaign basis are seeing a diminished amount of presence, and brands are focusing more on having influencers represent them in the long-term scope. By doing so, influencers are also able to develop a close relationship with brands and their products and in turn create a more authentic brand messaging through their social media activities.

For this to happen, it will have to be driven on both ends of the equation. Marketers will need to find influencers that align strongly with their brand and better understand the influencers that they select. For influencers, it’s about developing quality content that not only aligns with the brand and engages audiences, but also generates user action.

Building this mutual relationship will build trust - a key element for long-term relationships.

Influencer marketing trends 2020 influencers

The next stage for influencers

At CastingAsia, we’re seeing a shift of influencers towards YouTube - no surprises there, given it’s 2+ billion users. Through YouTube, influencer content is a lot more discoverable, empowering influencers to build a truly global reach. From food reviews, travel experiences, product reviews and more, YouTube is seen as one of the go-to research platforms for consumers.

Additionally, we’re seeing celebrities - from actors and actresses, athletes, musicians and more, looking to become influencers in their own ways. From building a social media presence to developing unscripted content for YouTube, these celebrities are able to connect with their followers in a more authentic fashion.

As we move into a new decade, so is influencer marketing. At CastingAsia, we’re looking to drive the influencer marketing industry towards more addressability through attribution, and accessibility through our technology.

Due to the plethora of changes forecasted for the industry next year, look out for a spike in increased reliance upon smart, business results-driven influencer marketing solutions. To learn more about how you can supercharge your influencer marketing for next year, or how you can leverage on a full-stack, smart and results-driven influencer marketing solution, please click here to contact our team of experts today.

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