Hot Social Media Influencer Marketing Trends for 2019: Live Video

Leveraging on live videos will be an interesting and effective approach for advertisers this year aiming to tell their brand story through a real-time audience. Live video streams have the added advantage of promoting products and influencing buyers on a more personal level in comparison to pre-recorded user-generated content. Audiences have the opportunity to connect with their favorite influencer in a real-time environment and can also drive more audience engagement through interactive activities such as Q&A sessions. Let’s now dig deeper into the added benefits of live video advertising.

The numbers for live video advertising are encouraging: people spend 3x more time watching Facebook Live videos in relation to pre-recorded videos.

How is this high engagement rate achieved?

First of all, live videos provide influencers with a global reach. Brand messages can be conveyed with a human-like touch and reach audiences all across the world, as there are no geographical restrictions.

Secondly, live videos provide unsurpassed transparency as viewers are able to feel the authenticity of the influencer. Viewers, or followers in this sense, can also engage, allowing brands to more accurately measure the impact of their influencer marketing activities. Another added benefit to live video advertising is that product demonstrations and reviews can also be done in real-time, and consumers can get a first-hand glimpse at how a product is meant to be used. Live video advertising on social media platforms can also be extremely beneficial for live promotional events. Followers who watch the videos will be able to feel more connected to the influencer - and in extension, the brand. They are also more prone to buy the product or service. Live streams may also be used for the promotion of events, providing viewers and followers with a slightly more intimate online experience of the event. Event organisers can also attract these audiences through exclusive offers that can be redeemed at the event - providing an automatic call-to-action to those watching.

So as you can see, live video advertising has a multitude of benefits that advertisers can use to increase their returns. Leveraging upon this form of social media and influencer marketing will be of high value and significance this year, for brands looking for a new and non-conventional approach to social media advertising.

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