Social Media Rules of Engagement Spotlight: How Can I Start Getting Paid for My Content?

So you’re an influencer – you already enjoy sharing your content and taking photos – so why not start getting paid and recognized for the quality content you’re pushing out? There are many ways to accomplish this feat, and we’re here to help guide you in that impactful direction. Even though there are many choices out there nowadays for influencers to start monetizing on their content, all you need is a helping hand in the right direction to get started out. Let’s take a look at how this feat can be accomplished!

1. Show the Value You Can Provide to Brands

Chances are you already have quality content on your social media accounts, however the first important step is being able to present yourself in a way that is attractive and appealing to brands. But don’t stress out even if you don’t have a ton of followers – brands are willing to work with any tier of influencers, as long as they can provide some value and recognition to the brand. Currently, micro and nano influencers have also begun to be in the spotlight and are participating in many brand marketing campaigns. Even as a micro-influencer, you have the opportunity to expand your horizons and build your follower base through marketing campaigns, as well as having the added benefit of making some extra money at the same time.

2. Get Registered on a Trusted Influencer Marketing Marketplace Platform

The next step is getting registered with a trusted influencer marketing marketplace platform such as our CastingAsia platform. It’s never been easier to get paid for your content and get noticed on a large-scale. Big brands are paying influencers for multiple campaigns in various categories. So whether your interest is in the field of cosmetics, sports, etc., CastingAsia can support your objectives. We represent many big brands – and therefore we are able to offer you only the best-of-the-best options for joining campaigns.

3. Consider Alternative Options Such as Affiliation with a Brand

Brand and product affiliation is also an alternative option that can be considered when juggling the options for making money through influencer marketing. Through an affiliate program, you can start earning whenever your followers take action. Simply post the content along with a URL that links your followers to the product purchase page on an online shopping site. When your followers make a purchase, you get paid - It’s that simple! Some brands are able to offer this type of payment system through either an exclusive contract or consecutive campaigns. Exploring various opportunities such as this will allow you to keep your options open when it comes to earning money from your content. Learn more about the differences between traditional influencer marketing and affiliate marketing by clicking here.

As social media influencer marketing continues to grow in Asia, Asian influencers in various countries are taking advantage of this opportunity and realizing how they can get paid and grow their career through this channel. Goodbye for now, but as always, keep posted on our website for further updates and blog postings! Until next time!

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