Unique Influencer Niches to Consider Exploring in 2019

When you think of common industries and business verticals that are involved in the vastness of social media influencer marketing, there tends to be a few that pop into mind like beauty or travel. This holds true for niche markets too, where ‘experts’ are not as commonly available to those specific segments. Based on current trends, a new way of marketing can be explored by brands within these niche industries. In recent times, there has also been an emergence of groups of niche influencers, providing marketers with unique storytelling methods.

Virtual Influencers

Skimming past the realm of reality and moving into the virtual world, virtual influencers are starting to make an impact on social media and influencer marketing, and is a whole new opportunity to reach niche audiences. Industries including - but not limited to - the gaming, comic, television, fashion, entertainment industries, and more, can leverage virtual influencers to spread their brand awareness and messaging. Even though virtual influencers are really only CGI (computer generated images) – the engagement from followers and the human-like persona of these virtual influencers are so similar that the lines between reality and virtual reality are sometimes blurred. The topic of virtual influencers is somewhat new and foreign to many traditional marketers, so further knowledge and understanding are necessary in order to understand the range of benefits. In a subsequent article, we will take a more in-depth look at this futuristic form of influencer marketing.

Virtual influencers CastingAsia


The influencer marketing industry is full of all kinds of influencers – different nationalities, age, gender, cultural backgrounds, and more. What really separates this next niche of influencers from the rest is the ratio of their age to projected impact for brands. Can you guess what niche of influencers I am referring to? That’s right – these so called “kidfluencers” are merely young children who are active in the scope of social media marketing – the same as the older generation of influencers. “Kidfluencers” open the door to a whole new opportunity of possibilities for certain niche markets of advertisers. Children’s clothing, snack or beverage brands aimed at families or kids can definitely gain some benefit as a result of this channel of influencer marketing.

Inventor Influencers

A certain focus has also recently been placed upon influencers that are innovative and are coming up with their own brilliant content and ideas. Inventor influencers also specialize in creating new inventions and ideas out of everyday objects and are able to create something truly extraordinary and unique that can be used for brand association. For example, a YouTuber may be able to develop some new song, dance or invention that can be developed specifically for your campaign needs and to reach a niche audience. Creation and invention fees for these types of influencers are definitely an investment to think about, but also consider the unique reach and ROI that can be attained.

With the variety of unique influencers that are out there, reaching out to them can sometimes be difficult and present a challenge. However, utilizing a trusted influencer marketing network and influencer marketing marketplace and discovery platform to reach out to various Asian influencers is a key step in the right direction to ease this difficulty. The CastingAsia platform is a unique solution that uses artificial to search and match the best influencers for your campaign and market niche. Additionally, if you have a specific niche of influencer you are searching for, our team of experts can reach out to them directly and “reel them in” for your campaign. Contact us today to realize how you can explore and tap into this goldmine of niche influencers.

Inventor influencers CastingAsia

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