Three Trending Social Media Platforms Worth Checking Out

When the subject of social media platforms comes up, several popular platform names might come to mind. Many influencers, as well as everyday people, are active on these popular social media platforms. However, have you ever considered branching out and experimenting with some alternate platforms?

Alternate platforms allow you to leverage on an audience that is not overly exposed to advertising or promotional content, providing a unique relevancy to the audience you’re trying to target.

We’ve pinpointed several platforms that can help you get that quick win to your audience.


Vero is a unique social media platform- it does not use any algorithms to determine what users see. This makes Vero a very organic platform for delivering content, as content is freely delivered to viewer’s eyes. Vero was actually developed and released several years ago, but did not see a massive influx of users until recent times. The increase of users gives influencers the opportunity to take full advantage of the booming popularity of this platform, and gain new followers and interests that could possibly not be attained through more popular platforms. For the time-being, Vero is free to join and ad free. However, in the near future, we will see if this platform develops an advertising revenue model as well.


When it comes to short-form mobile videos, the current reigning champion – especially in Asia – is a video platform called TikTok. TikTok quickly skyrocketed to the top of the industry as being one of the most downloaded mobile apps in 2018. The success of TikTok leverages upon the “catchiness” and attractiveness of videos that are shorter than 15 seconds, with the focus usually around a song and dance or some other form of eye-catching entertainment. Especially popular among young Generation Z users, users have the opportunity to express themselves in their own unique way. Given the recent boom in popularity of this platform and the significant impact that it is making, it is a great way for influencers to pave the way for their success. Consider experimenting with this app and see how you can increase your presence in the social media world today.


Another newcomer to the scene that is gaining some traction and popularity, is a mobile app called Kik. Kik has various features and functions such as messaging and video chat – and users have the option to message individual friends or groups. The big differentiator of Kik is the level of privacy for users. A phone number is not required for registration – an email address or username is all that’s required. Some features that really make this platform unique is the ability to earn Kik currency, called “Kin”, by taking brand surveys or taking actions prompted by brands. With all the unique features and ways to connect with brands, consider exploring this platform for extended reach and awareness.

With a vast array of ways to connect with brands and discover new campaign opportunities, you can take the next step and try out a few campaigns with our influencer marketing marketplace platform,CastingAsia. Besides the above-mentioned platforms, an influencer marketing platform is a great way to boost your follower count by being associated with a famous brand or product campaign. Explore the exciting possibilities today – it only takes a short time to get registered and start joining campaigns!

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