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Social Media Rules of Engagement Spotlight: How Can I Increase Followers? Maximize Your Follower Count by Following These Few Simple Tips!

What can I do to increase my follower count and get more attention? This is one of the most frequently asked questions that seems to be puzzling and perplexing influencers on a global scale. Understanding how to obtain the most loyal followers without exercising unnecessary strain and wasted efforts is a key determinant in making or breaking an influencer’s career. Given the high engagement of loyal followers, we can determine that the key targeting factor is a strategy that deals with finding out what exactly is trending and what type of followers you should target for maximum engagement.

There is a wide spectrum of tools and strategies that social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook allow you to utilize, however proper and smart utilization is key for the road to stardom and success. Let’s take a look at a few basic steps when it comes to increasing your follower count:

1. Narrow down your target audience – what specific niche or market are you directing your content to? Once you have narrowed down your content genre, search a few hashtags relating to that topic and start to follow and engage with some of the followers of those hashtags. This is one of the most basic and principle ways to gain organic followers.

2. Make your profile and introduction eye-catching and interesting. Incorporate a few short attention-grabbing taglines that make your account stand out from the others. Also try incorporating some stickers or variants in text formatting to give your introduction that competitive edge in relation to other accounts. It may also be beneficial for you to create and follow the lines of a theme for your account that your followers can relate to and remain engaged.

3. Be consistent with your posting – find ways to interact with your followers on a daily basis. Consistent posting of content has been shown to keep followers engaged and remain long-term followers. However, over-excessive posting of content is also a no-no and can become an annoyance to your followers and divert them elsewhere. Determining the proper balance and timing of posting is essential and key for top ranking influencers. Try limiting your posts to three per day – this number is generally a good number to start from for experimental purposes and then you can adjust up or down depending upon follower engagement.

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4. Post quality content that is visually pleasing. Nobody wants to look at photos or videos that are not visually engaging or do not pique their interest or connect with them in some way. However, what if you are not the world’s greatest photographer or don’t have top-notch skills when it comes to Photoshop editing? There is still hope for you! There are several different ways to bypass these hurdles – one being to leverage different applications to develop words, quotes or phrases into visually appealing text formatted images. Given the extensive array of applications out there that can facilitate this, influencers can use this strategy in order to connect with their followers and engage their emotions in a new and innovative way!

5. Engage with your followers. Engaging with and reacting to your followers shows that you care about them. You can drive follower conversations simply by responding to comments, asking them questions or open up discussions on trends, lifestyle or even provide some insights into your “off-air” persona. Bringing a more human-approach is the reason why people follow social media accounts - followers want a strong bond with who they’re following with (someone they can connect to), and a sincere relationship in the long run.

Following the above pointers and using these basic techniques are just a few of the many ways you can gain more followers organically and keep them engaged. Check back here frequently for further updates and advice about how to increase followers. Also, don’t forget to check out and register for our platform CastingAsia Marketplace to start getting more recognition and get paid for posting campaign content! Happy posting and keep your eyes peeled out for the next edition!

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